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One of our client says. “Aailsoft brings the same professionalism and work culture to solve our problems as we would expect from a large Multinational consultancy without the bureaucratic levels of communications and formal ticketing systems in vogue in many software consulting companies. Talking to Aailsoft is as easy as lifting the phone and talking. They make it so simple and are on the job immediately”


Over the years I have had dealings with numerous solution based companies. In almost all cases there was always something lacking in terms of satisfaction with the services, costs, or just plain know-how. Until we started working with Aailsoft Solutions. They took our existing team and they made it work. They proposed a budgeted amount for our project and stuck to it.

Paul David



Some people say using a consulting company is very expensive. In the beginning I was watching the budget closely. Over time, we realized that every single time we used them, Aailsoft made us more efficient and more effective, and the ROI was there. They paid for themselves. To us, Aailsoft has been a godsend. For growing companies with a tight budget, Aailsoft is a perfect solution.

Renish Thomas

Toronto, Ontario


Aailsoft is a great company to work with, recently I got acquainted with their services were I was thrilled with quality of work, speed and professionalism. We had an unfulfilled requirement open for months where, our current vendors couldn’t fulfill requirement since it was tough and rare to find skillset. Aailsoft fulfilled the role within a week since, then Aailsoft became our top priority vendor. I can guarantee you can rely on Aailsoft for any requirement. Their approach and delivery are vary rare to find in market you can only experience if you taste their service.


Hyderabad, TS

About Aailsoft   

Aailsoft is a Complete Solutions Provider Company. We service all your needs in Information Technology (IT), Engineering and Operations. We are global solution provider with offices around globe. At Aailsoft our motto is “we are not comfortable until you are”. We give you high end service with dedicated team at low cost. Since Aailsoft has Global Reach, Local Presences gives us the edge over our competitors to carter our clients worldwide with quick turnaround time. We are just a click way you can reach us anytime from anywhere on contact@aailsoft.com and our Service Specialist will contact you within 2-4 business hours. Our Service is Quality, on Time and in budget

If you can’t locate our office in your city, you can still contact us and our service specialist will visit your premises to review your current needs in detail, for a complete solution. If needs are constant, we will be your neighbor to service your needs on demand.

It’s very simple with Aailsoft since customer service and satisfaction is our biggest motto.


We profoundly believe and practice that a satisfied customer

  1. It’s a leading indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty
  2. It’s a point of differentiation
  3. It reduces customer churn
  4. It increases customer lifetime value
  5. It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones

Aailsoft is a company promoted by like-minded technopreneurs with 25 years of experience in Information Technology, Business Development, Business Operations, and Research Methods. Aailsoft management is the alumni of best universities in Europe and United States of America awarded with professional certifications from Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle etc.

Having honed their skills in various corporates solving problems of their clients, Aailsoft Management team now bring those skills to help solve the various problems faced by clients in USA, Europe and other parts of the world.


The support and trust of its clients is helping Aailsoft to expand its operations to various geographic regions to help its clients and their vendors grow and also support newer clients improve their productivity and efficiency in a competitive world.

Aailsoft Management Vision is to always stand by its clients in their effort to improve the productivity of their operations. Aailsoft Strategic, Engineering & Operations Team coordinate their research and bring out the best solutions for todays and tomorrows problems. Aailsoft unlike mega corporations believes in customized support to its small group of clients instead of pushing off the shelf solutions, spreading itself thin and trying to maximize market share. We are happy with one contended client a day instead of 10 discontented clients.

Do you have a problem, talk to us, maybe we can discover a solution together … … … … … contact@aailsoft.com

Staff Augmentation is a great way to get highly qualified and specialized personnel working for you at substantial savings.

Aailsoft Client Services are provided typically at client location through a team of experts with relevant domain experience.

Our Consulting Solutions are provided by leveraging the expertise of 25 years of IT field experience with domain knowledge in many verticals.

Our Recruit Process outsourcing services is designed to free the management time of client from the day to day tasks.

What clients say

  • Aailsoft Team comprises software experts in Project Management, RPO, ERP, BI Data Warehousing, IT Security, Internet technologies, Strategic sourcing and Software consulting and related fields. WE have both internal resources and access to external domain experts to give the client the best of expertise in the quickest possible manner. Our speed of response surprises our clients. Our organization structure is flat and primed to respond to every client in real time.
    We deploy resources from across time zones to solve real issues, because we believe our clients should have a peaceful day or night while our backend team is working across different time zones.