Aailsoft Client Services are provided typically at client location:


AAILSOFT Client Services provides customised services to its clients in fields of

Strategic Sourcing

:Sourcing of IT Resources and Manpower has become a key success factor for any software or Information Technology company.

We at AAILSOFT understand the criticality of sourcing due to our vast domain knowledge of hardware and software services. We assist our clients in identifying the current and future needs of the company and prepare a strategic plan to source the best hardware and Manpower resources.

Our team of networking experts will guide the clients in sourcing computers, networking equipment’s and software so that client does will not unnecessarily invest in resources they are not going to use. It is our experience and also industry studies that most IT companies have 30-50% redundancy in all their IT investments. Imagine a company investing 1 million dollars and not using half of the resources they are never going to use. We help you avoid that. We will give you a structured plan where you can invest in a phased manner depending on the growth of the company so that every dollar counts. We also help clients choose between open source and closed (or proprietary) software. If a client’s needs are simple and can be fulfilled by open source software then why invest in proprietary software. Cloud sourced software has added another dimension to software selection. Cloud source has potential to greatly reduce the costs of software for any company as the billing is on per user or usage based.

We help our clients plan their Manpower resources according to their needs. Client needs can be met by

Full time employees

– Required if the requirement is continuous and the work is strategic to clients offering.

Part time employees

– Required if the work is not continuous and only required during rush hours or peak business cycles.

Contract employees

– Required if the work is temporary to build a system and not required after the systems are built


– Required if the nature of work is specialized and involves assisting employees to skill up and / or creates systems, transfer domain knowledge, expand productivity etc.

We have access to a rich database of experts in various fields and we can source the particular resource which our client requires and place them quickly.

Expert Services:

Our Expert Services are domain specific and we can provide these to client quickly to solve a problem offer a solution or to help companies scale up quickly. Our motto “Never lose a business opportunity for want to expertise”. You have a business opportunity talk to us before you decline, because successful businesses never miss an opportunity.

ERP & CRM Roll Out Solutions

Enterprise Resource planning and customer Relationship management are critical for success or any business. There are mind blogging varieties of ERP and CRM solutions available and identifying the correct ERP and CRM software for your current or projected needs will be very confusing and a wrong choice can set you back both in costs and time. Companies are known to have lost millions due to wrong ERP systems or bad implantations. Our Roll process starts from bottom up right from the client customer interface right up to the CEO of the company. This will ensure the implementation is without any glitches and existing data is safe and secure.

Any ERP or CRM implementation changes the work culture of the company and its employees. We understand this human aspect and train existing employees through our change management training system to help them embrace the new system and Roll out without any resistance.

BI & Data Warehousing:

Business Intelligence and Data warehousing have become the modern buzz words for the latest innovations in corporate world. Every corporate has a built in Business Intelligence present in its systems, internal data and the way it’s does business with outside world. This internal intelligence can be its unique leverage, differentiator or competitive advantage in the business world. We help corporates identify the internal strengths and build systems enhancing that advantage by offering better solutions to customers consistently and monetize their strengths.

Data is universal. The 21st Century Internet based economy is creating data in a humongous scale. Every company is sitting on huge data of their customers, vendors, employees and business transactions. Since the scale of data is enormous it is physically impossible for any human to make sense of the data with existing software systems. Dedicated data mining software helps companies extract data in various formats and sequences to analyze and check patterns which help companies discover opportunities to profit. These opportunities could be cost saving, new business models, customer engagement or backward or forward integration of companies.

IT Security Services:

Security of IT has become important for ensuring business continuation. Threats to a company both from disgruntled employees or external competition or business rivalry have increased immensely. IT Security Service protects a company through Data security, software security, prevention of sabotage, stealing of passwords, Hacking or server breakdowns and compliance with regulatory requirements. We can position trained experts in a company to consult, implement systems, best practices and backup services to ensure complete security and business continuation through our analyses of latest threats and fool proof any company from present and future threats.

Software Quality Assurance:

If your company is developing or using software you will need quality assurance to ensure your software can work in various hardware and software environments. Our Quality Assurance specialists test every piece of code for bugs which can be used by hackers to hijack a system. Or it can be a simple testing to ensure the software performs in various operating systems, hardware combinations, and is not affected by any desktop software, cloud based software, antivirus software, Internet software or any other piece of code. We provide certified experts who have many years of experience trouble shooting software and experts in various testing tools.

Software Training:

We also provide software training to upskill existing employees. If you have dedicated hardworking employees whom you would not like to lose but their skills have not kept pace with development of technology then there is no need to worry. We can identify the skill gap between your business needs and employee skills and impart the necessary training to make your star performers maintain their productivity through upskill programs customised to your short-term, medium term or long term goals.