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AAILSOFT Consulting Solutions:

Our Consulting Solutions are provided by leveraging the expertise of 10 years of IT field experience with domain knowledge in many verticals.

Project Management:

It is a resource management system carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. We have experts trained in Agile Project Management with international certifications.

E-Commerce and Mobile applications:

We provide E-commerce & Mobile application solutions to start-ups and brick and Mortar Industries to enable them to reach a wider audience through use of Internet. We help many Industries to expand their reach through an Ecommerce platform which can be as simple as adding a shopping cart to existing website or as complex as a complete Ecommerce platform.

Our Ecommerce expertise can offer clients expertise in automation of online ordering and delivery logistics which starts with customers accessing the shopping cart to final delivery and feedback rating. Payment Gateways selection and integration to website and shopping carts. Data Management through data mining, data warehousing, backend data servers and customer analysis software. We help our clients decide on issues such as Dedicated IP, Premium DNS, Virtual Private servers, Dedicated Servers, Shared Servers or Amazon cloud servers, SSL Certificates, Code signing Certificates, dedicated hack proof security protocols, Real time application development, Android and Apple IOS app development and Mobile integration. We are at the forefront of the Internet innovation and bring the latest trends to help our clients be always ahead of competition. High turnover and high volume businesses require quick reactions because any delay will cost heavily in terms of cash losses or business lost.

Mobile commerce is an offshoot of Ecommerce wherein companies prioritise mobile interface as compared to a computer interface with its customers. Some companies are now offering only mobile interface and have completely closed down there computer based interface’s.


Enterprise Application Integration:

Corporates have many diverse software systems addressing different needs and our Enterprise Application Integration solution offers seamless integration of all such diverse software to get a unified view of the corporate and its various businesses. We offer Enterprise Application Integration through

Hardware Architecture such as networking, Routers, Hubs, Servers etc.

Software communication through data capture and interpretation, diverse software formats conversion, Data storage and retrieval etc.

IT Infrastructure Planning:

It has been our experience that most companies do not use 30 to 50 % of the hardware resources they invest. This is typically due to wrong selection, wrong specifications, outdated equipment, mismatch of software and hardware and various components of the IT Infrastructure. Our experts help plan the correct investment with 95% utility and scalable at the least cost to keep pace with the growth plans and expansion of the companies. We ensure that not a single piece of hardware or software is wrongly procured and is redundant.

We will give you a structured plan where you can invest in a phased manner depending on the growth of the company so that every dollar counts. We also help clients choose between open source and closed (or proprietary) software. If a client’s needs are simple and can be fulfilled by open source software then why invest in proprietary software. Cloud sourced software has added another dimension to software selection. Cloud source has potential to greatly reduce the costs of software for any company as the billing is on per user or usage based.

Website Development:

We provide the complete Web Development Solutions which includes Software programming, Graphics desiging, User interface, Mobile Responsive and Dynamic website development.

Our Software developers have experience in code writing for diverse projects and we can customise any website to suit the requirements of any company. We have UI designers who can design a website with a look and feel specifically required by the client. We have experts in PHP, Code ignitor, WordPress, Joomla and Mobile Responsive website designing etc. We support clients right from Domain registration, Hosting, Website designing and development, Shopping cart design, Payment gateway integration etc.

Mobile Responsive Website:

A Mobile Responsive Website automatically detects the device used to view the site and adjusts the screen size accordingly. Typically a responsive site can adjust the viewer experience to suit a 5”mobile, 10” Tablet, 15” Laptop or 20” Desktop screen sizes.

Search Engines lead by Google have adopted a policy of mobile first. Any website which is mobile responsive gets first preference in search engines over a non-responsive site irrespective of content and how good the site is otherwise. So companies cannot afford to ignore upgrading their websites to be mobile responsive.

Shopping Cart Design and Payment Gateway Integration:

Many companies lose out on customers for want of business interface. A customer desirous of buying the products of the company is forced to go to a distributor or retailer or a competitor just because he is unable to purchase the products directly from the company. If the distributor or retailer is not giving him good service he is left with no alternative but to buy competitors’ products. An Online shopping cart helps customers buy directly from the company and it also gives them the confidence that the prices quoted by the retailer or distributor are correct.

We can quickly set up a shopping cart for existing websites and integrate them with online payment gateways with necessary security protocols so that your business is online. Depending on the no of products and customisation required we can get your shopping cart up and running with a few days.  Talk to us today and never lose a business