Our Recruit Process outsourcing services is designed to free the management time of client from the day to day tasks of HR management and ensuring business continuity through all aspects of Manpower sourcing and recruitment and planning.


Recruitment in IT –Software Industry is challenging due to fast pace of change in Industry. The knowledge levels required in the past are no longer relevant in present and may not be relevant in future. Testing potential candidates on various skill levels and their aptitude and team compatibility etc. can be challenging to say the least. We at AAILSOFT understand this dynamic nature and hence have built up a repertoire of skill testing tools where we test engineers on various skill tests which grill them on subject knowledge, practical knowledge, psychological testing, aptitude testing and finally one to one interaction with domain experts and management experts to assess the suitability of the candidate for your organization. This extensive grilling makes sure you get the best candidates for your job profile.


refers to the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization. Recruitment can also refer to processes involved in choosing individuals. Aailsoft has right people in selecting Right Person for the Right Job.

These are the steps taken by our recruiter in order to select the best qualified candidate for a position/job in an organization. The “process” is a guide to how recruitment and selection should be carried out.

We can assist with job descriptions, salary surveys, skill evaluations; resume review and entire screening process. We have saved our customers hundreds of hours by taking over the arduous process of identifying and qualifying potentially viable candidates.

Our Simple process will save customers thousands of dollars and valuable time.


Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment Process:


Our End-to-End Delivery

    1. • Fully Integrated Recruiting Solution
      • Comprehensive Approach
      • Unique Pricing Structure – Different than a Typical Cost-Per-Hire Model
      • Manage all Recruiting Components

Many of our clients decide that recruitment as a function ought to be outsourced completely. Business drivers include the need to drive down cost rapidly, the need to dramatically and rapidly improve recruitment performance and the realization that recruitment for certain specializations or business critical positions is not an HR core competency.

In essence, Aailsoft becomes the recruiting department for the client organisation and takes a truly collaborative and integrated approach with full life cycle RPO. We become an extension of your business, assuming full responsibility for the strategy, service and compliance associated with managing a critical business process.

Difference between HR Department and RPO

Aailsoft follow strict Service Level Agreements and leveraging our world-class delivery capabilities. Following our continuous improvements and program governance procedures, we will demonstrate measurable process improvements and increased customer satisfaction.
We follow innumerable steps from Start to stop to give quality and make our clients successful. Your success is our Success and we will not be satisfied until you are


HR Module:

Our HR Module includes payroll processing, employee performance assessments, 360 Degree evaluation, maintenance of leave records and other administrative functions routinely handled by your HR Department. We remove the routine from your day to day concerns and free up the Management time to concentrate on the really important tasks for the growth of your company. We have flexible payment systems which reduce the cost of HR Management for your company. Our module is scalable and can grow with your organization growth plans.

Salary payments:

Salary payments and maintaining salary details, deductions, issuing Salary slips etc. may seem to be a lot of work and any small mistake can affect the image of the company as a professional employer. Usually companies create a whole department just to pay salaries. This can be avoided as we use proprietary software and trained personnel and maintain salary records on cloud with regular backups. Our clients avoid the unnecessary costs and hassle of maintaining a department just to pay salaries.

Statutory Module:

Statutory obligations with respect to salary payments deductions and filings such as Health Care benefits, Provident fund deduction, Income Tax filings, Insurance or Home loan deductions, EMI deductions, Professional taxes etc. can be intimidating for a start-up company. Even bigger corporates find this difficult to maintain such records without errors for each and every employee. We make life easy by taking over these routine tasks.


We help clients bill for services through our billing support which can be calculated per resource or per hour basis and we monitor the hours of work per project and team depending on the terms of billing agreements clients have with their customers. Our billing support team has experienced accountants with domain knowledge and can assist clients on industry norms and systems of billing and set up procedures to capture every dollar that can be billed because a bill missed is a bill lost and it can never be claimed again.



Skill Testing:

We conduct skill tests for various skills across many domains including Programming, Testing, Quality, Designing, Development, Client Servicing, Database Management, Project Management, Back office support etc. Our Tests are tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements and we develop these tests by taking inputs from clients regarding each job description and ensure only the right employee gets selected.

Skill upgradation:

We also provide software training to upskill existing employees. If you have dedicated hardworking employees whom you would not like to lose but their skills have not kept pace with development of technology then there is no need to worry. We can identify the skill gap between your business needs and employee skills and impart the necessary training to make your star performers maintain their productivity through upskill programs customized to your short-term, medium term or long term goals.


Sourcing of

1. Contractual
2. Temp Staff
3. Project based Consultants