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Staff Augmentation 

Quality, on Time and in budget


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Staff Augmentation

is a great way to get highly qualified and specialized personnel working for you at substantial savings. It can assist you in hiring an individual or team of dedicated additional resources. Implementing this process can bring better efficiency in your work projects.

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At Aailsoft, we have multiple skilled resourcing teams, which gives us the extra leverage to offer you an expertise and exclusive dedicated resourcing team per client, so we make sure every client is paid undivided attention in order to fulfill their orders on time and in Budget. Our skilled resources can work like full-time employees for you, operating from your/our premises.

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At Aailsoft we also offer wide and complete range of world-class professionals with wide industry-specific experience and rich expertise you can greatly benefit from our full-time staff augmentation services.

At Aailsoft, we believe in our people, our systems and our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. We recognize that only through evaluation of current service delivery, performance outcomes and the systems supporting these, can an organization successfully achieve objective improvements to meet customers’ needs. We strive to comply to formal standards where they apply.

At Aailsoft, We make sure we don’t settle until we have satisfied our client’s requirement, that’s why we have a dedicated Account Manager and Delivery team to each client specialized in domain and skill set.

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Since Aailsoft has Global Reach, Local Presences gives us the edge over our competitors; to carter our clients worldwide with quick turnaround time.

Since we deeply believe and practice that a satisfied customer

  1. It’s a leading indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty
  2. It’s a point of differentiation
  3. It reduces customer churn
  4. It increases customer lifetime value
  5. It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones

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Through our staff augmentation, we can not only provide specialized, proficient and technically qualified dedicated professionals but also bestow you a peace of mind. Aailsoft is well equipped to manage all your staffing needs, leaving you with ample time to streamline your organizational efficiency, profitability and marketing strategies. Extending your staffing requirement to a company like ours will ensure a holistic improvement of your management. Our dedicated services aim at providing you with the best skilled resources in terms of flexibility and timely output.

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Through our staff augmentation service, you can either hire an individual resource or set of resources from diverse backgrounds for a particular period of time or a specialized team of people for a specified time-frame. We understand that quality output is the only key for the continuation and long lasting relationship and we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure to stick to this commitment of delivering quality and ensuring business continuity.

Recruitment Process @ Aailsoft


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What we offer

‘Client’s delight’ is the aim and success mantra for Aailsoft. Hiring dedicated resource with Aailsoft through Staff Augmentation ensures you:

After Service Support – Account manager for regular support and feedback:

Exclusive managers are appointed by Aailsoft who manage all your work accounts and ensure regular support and feedback of your work progress. They also take a note of your special instructions and expectations and ensure that they are handled in the most apt manner possible.

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Specialized Recruitment Team

    • Highly Skilled Operations Team to ensure the right fit. Team has a wide network of specialists not found on job boards. Most of the team members have been with Aailsoft for over many years with at least 10 years in the IT industry
    • Excellent soft skills and negotiation skills
    • Excellent

      Consultant-2-Consultant Networking

      to provide the best fit at short notice. This comes with years of experience in this Industry.

    • Use of Advanced Pre-Screening methods for initial selection
    • Non-Traditional recruitment experts to make sure our clients get the best of the best
    • At all 3 levels – Operations, Practice/Account and HR.
    • We follow specialized life cycle to hire and retain our candidates


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Quality Resources at extremely competitive prices

  • Access to consultants with specialized skills
  • Advantage of low overheads at Aailsoft is passed on to our clients.

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Consultative Market Intelligence

    • Sometimes there is a mismatch between client and candidate expectations regarding skill-sets and salary. We provide information to correct that imbalance.

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Extensive Database of Specialized Candidates

    • Aailsoft has a proprietary database of 25,000+ candidates
    • Offices around globe and can overcome shortage of talent
    • Candidates for critical positions are met personally to ensure right fit.

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Background Check

    • Sometimes required to be conducted by clients in regulated business of federal government. Aailsoft retains the services of Cluso or Backcheck for the same.

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Many organizations are migrating applications/hardware to achieve improved performance and simplification of maintenance. You might need resources for a three month project, a full time hands-on project manager or you might have an existing team that needs staff augmentation. Companies frequently come across the need for internal resources not readily available to fully support all of its IT projects. The company’s project requirements certainly vary from project to project, but the need to find flexible, skilled staff at the right time remains the same.

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Our IT Staff Augmentation Services provide our clients with personnel who possess the highest level of technical expertise and professionalism – “on demand” and for a vast variety of engagements.

Aailsoft is able to respond to customer’s needs in a timely, highly skilled, and productive manner. It is not just about “skills matching”, but a skilled, “just-in-time” resource.

Together, we can minimize downtime and maintain a consistent level of performance.


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What makes Aailsoft Unique?

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  • Understanding the Clients Environment & Business Dynamics
  • Personalized Service is our Principal Core Value
  • Competitive Pricing
  • International Presence and Global Delivery
  • Strong exposure in Selecting

    the Right Person for the Right Job

    (Right Education + Right Experience + Compatible Personality) to locate a good fit.

  • Offices around globe and can overcome shortage of talent
  • We provide Quality, On time and in budget
  • Dedicated delivery team In/after business hours or during weekends.
  • Many more services

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In case if you have any queries please email us @ contact@aailsoft.com


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